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“Lost in the world of hidden secrets.”


Life is a friend, an unsolved mystery. No one know’s when what can happen, none can get freedom from the chain of life. Life is like a clock, tied with good and bad times. It’s a magic clock of live and death. Life is play, reaching the goal is it’s aim. Life is love, tiedContinue reading “LIFE”

The Mountain

The Mountains were perfectly curve For I look and sketched my art and the clouds wandering above the hills with shapes similar to each other. When I look at the mountains again seven years later, as I elevate the curves were irregular and the clouds can describe any mood. As years aged me, the moreContinue reading “The Mountain”


Don’t be deluded by illusions.  Don’t take pride in the body! It’s as fragile as clay. Like a drop of dew.    A blast of wind…Just a little gust.  And a body will turn to dust.    

This world in the form of a tree has two nectarous fruit: Sweet speech and good company.

Vinay singh

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